Hot stripgirl makes a liveshow

When it's obvious that women will do it just for male attention alone. Girls gone wild tapped into the reality that young women are willing to not only do at least soft-core pornography for free just to be given attention by men, but will actually travel and put in time and money to make themselves up as well. So in reality, women are willing to pay for men to look at them that is to say strip for them.

To stay as centre of attention

I mean really, this is where women get their thrills in life, by being the object of attention of men. What in the hell sense does it make to pay them for something they are willing to actually pay men for? Scenario: If men didn't pay women to strip, model, cheer-lead, go-go dance at night clubs or any other scene where women basically parade around seeking male attention- then what else would these women be doing with their lives? Look here, these women have nothing going on in their lives, these women are 18yr old single mothers, and/or girls who are perpetually chasing social esteem in a male dominated world; that is, they have nothing better to look forward to than to vie for men's attentions.

Stress medication

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